I thought I found my matchbut he started acting fishy so I took matters into my own hands and realized who he really is

A WOMAN has taken to the internet to share the unfortunate situation she found herself in thanks to the guy she was seeing.

She thought they were exclusive, but took matters into her own hands when she didn’t feel right about their relationship and discovered just who he really is.

A woman found out her man was much more than a liar and she decided to share her story for all to see


A woman found out her man was much more than a liar and she decided to share her story for all to seeCredit: Tiktok
She recalled her relationship and unsettling discovery in four separate videos


She recalled her relationship and unsettling discovery in four separate videosCredit: Tiktok

Heres how I found myself in my own version of John Tucker Must Die, the woman, who goes by @katescoville on social media, said at the beginning of her four-part saga.

So lets take it from the beginning when this guy was always like reacting to my Stories on Instagram, whatever, probably for like the last year.

Well last month he decided to shoot his shot and say: Hey lets get some drinks or go to lunch.

Kate agreed, and she and the unnamed man really hit it off and began seeing each other frequently.

However, she quickly noticed some things that made her a bit uncomfortable about their budding romance.

But heres the thing and this should have been my first red flag is when he said: You know, its so refreshing like that we both don’t know like any of the same people, Kate recalled.

Instead of worrying, she admitted she agreed and thought of it as a sign that she was starting fresh.

However, the second and larger red flag she noticed is that he never invited her over to his place and always wanted to drive an hour to her house or go out near her.

Here I am like: Wow hes taking the time out of his life that is so busy and coming to see me, Kate said.

And thats how they get you.

Eventually, Kate told the guy she was only interested in dating him, but if he did not feel the same way, to let her know.

Opportunity one to just say: Okay, goodbye, she foreshadowed.

To Kate’s pleasure, her date said that he felt the same way and was happy to move in that direction with her.

With this new step in their relationship, Kate felt comfortable enough to relay some of the things he was doing that bothered her, such as sometimes acting distant and sending super short texts.

So, he said he would fix that by dedicating one day a week specifically to spending time with her.

Here I am smitten stupid me, she said in a second video.

Things got stranger for Kate when she noticed a girl who also followed her guy looking at her Instagram Story.

After scrolling through the girls VSCO page, she noticed a picture of her mans new dog and noticed him in the background of a gym selfie she took.

She tried reasoning with herself and chalked it up to her just being crazy.

This is also me just trying really hard to give someone the benefit of the doubt and just trust, but something in my gut just knew there was something not right.

She decided to confront her man, who acted super surprised about why the girl would be eying her page, and claimed that the girl had not been to his house in over a year despite having an image of his brand new puppy.

The mans story was not adding up, so Kate took matters into her own hands and messaged the girl and discovered what no woman wants to find: Her man was not being faithful.

In a third video that showed the conversation between Kate and her mans supposed other girl, the girl said they had been together for a while.

The girl also said she felt like something was wrong and had even asked him about Kate.

Of course, when Kate confronted her man, he denied everything until he realized he had been caught.

Her man tried promising that what he really wanted is a relationship with her, but she dumped him right on the spot.

I will never be in a situation where you have to choose between me and another girl, she confirmed.

Kate thought she had wiped her hands clean of the guy who said he two-timed her because he has his own trust issues until women who saw her videos contacted her, saying they, too, were seeing the guy.

There are five of us altogether that were being strung along by this man, by this childish, childish boy and I am so grateful that I was only in it for a very short amount of time but thats not the case for literally all of the other women who were involved with him for at least a year or more, Kate said in a fourth and final video.

One of them was in fact basically living with him, hence why he did not want me to come over.

She continued: My heart breaks for the women that invested so much of their time and their trust in this man and who had to deal with the manipulation, the gaslighting that he would do to, you know, flip things around on them and make them thinkthat they are crazy for thinking the way that they do.

In conclusion, she said she hoped her video inspired other people in similar situations to walk away because we all deserve so much better.

Unfortunately, Kates story is not the first one of its kind.

A woman previously claimed that she met her dates second date at a party they were all at.

And for those worried about being too smitten to see red flags, here are seven red flags that a relationship expert says all people should be wary of.

Kate hopes her story serves as a warning to other females who might be feeling similar things in their relationships


Kate hopes her story serves as a warning to other females who might be feeling similar things in their relationshipsCredit: Tiktok

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