January 30 Special Day in India, What Special Day Celebrated on January 30?

January 30 Special Day in India

Special days can be birthdays or the history of a particular person. Here in this article, you can check out the January 30 Special Day in India. There are famous personalities on the list of today special day in India. Let’s quickly head into the article to what happened today in Indian history and much more details.

January 30 Special Day

People who aren’t aware of what is January 30 special day, can head into this section. Well looking on the list of January 30 Special Day, today is

S.No January 30 Special Day
1 Martyrs’ Day
2 National Croissant Day
3 World Leprosy Day
4 National Escape Day

#1. Martyrs’ Day

Martyr’s Day is the Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation whose ideologies played an important role in liberation of India from British. To commemorate Mahatma Gandhi and his contribution to the country, January 30th is observed as Martyr’s day. Aside from January 30th observed as Marty’s day, March 23 is also regarded as the Martyrs’ Memorial Day to pay tribute to the three revolutionaries of India – Baghat Singh, Shivaram Raguru, and Sukhdev Thapal.

#2. National Croissant Day

National Croissant Day is on January 30 every year to honor a flaky pastry that is eaten at every mealtime. Croissants are crunchy on the surface and soft on the inside. They are creamy crescent-shaped pastries. On this day make croissants at home or purchase a croissant from your neighborhood bakery and take a photo of a croissant you prepared or ordered and share it on social networks.

#3. World Leprosy Day

The last Sunday of every January is celebrated as the annual World Leprosy Day and this year it falls on 30th January. This is a day that is observed across the world to raise awareness about leprosy. It also tries to spread the necessity and importance of eliminating this disease. Leprosy is also called Hansen’s disease. It is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprosy. The disease is named after Norwegian doctor Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen.

#4. National Escape Day

National Escape Day is celebrated every year on January 30. This day is to move away from their daily monotonous lives and invest some time in rejuvenating themselves. National Escape Day encourages you to be away from your daily existential problems and simply live in the moment.

What Special Day Celebrated on 30 January – Events

Year Event
1933 Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany
1948 Mahatma Gandhi assassinated

#1. Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany

It was on 30th January 1933 that Adolf Hitler was appointed as chancellor after former chancellor Franz von Papen and Paul von Hindenburg acquiesced. Though Hindenburg was not keen on making Hitler the chancellor. But though he was appointed the chancellor it was in later years that he started becoming a dictator.

#2. Mahatma Gandhi assassinated

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi more fondly called Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist whose ideologies liberated us from British imperialism was assassinated on 30th January 1948 at the Birla house by Nathuram Vinayak Godse, a Hindu extremist.

January 30 Special Day in India – Birthdays

Year  Famous People
1924 S. N. Goenka
1957 Priyadarshan
1987 Puja Gupta

#1. S. N. Goenka

Satya Narayana Goenka more commonly called S.N Goenka was an Indian teacher of Vipassanā meditation. He was born in Burma on 30 January 1924. It was in 1969 that he began teaching meditation. His teaching emphasized that the Buddha’s path to liberation was non-sectarian, universal, and scientific in character.

#2. Priyadarshan

An Indian film director, writer, and producer Priyadarshan was born on 30 January 1957. His career spans over three decades, in which time he has directed more than 95 films across different Indian languages, but predominantly in Malayalam and Hindi. He has also done six films in Tamil and two in Telugu.

#3. Puja Gupta

She is known for her participation in Miss Universe which she participated in 2007 in which she came at the top 10. She was born on  30 January 1987 she is also an Indian model and actress. She has also participated in Femina Miss India

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