Jeremy Clarkson blasts ‘mad’ change to driving rules coming into force at midnight

JEREMY Clarkson has blasted the “mad” driving rule change – that comes into force tonight at midnight.

The new rule is to stop drivers fiddling with their phones behind the wheel, meaning even tapping the pause button on your screen could land you with a 200 fine.

The rule change has hit a nerve with Jeremy


The rule change has hit a nerve with JeremyCredit: BBC

Those who flout it by scrolling, taking selfies orplaying games while driving facefines and six points on the licence under the beefed up rules.

Hands-free calling and using a phone forsat-nav will still be allowed.

And there will be a McDonalds’ exception – meaning hungry Brits will still be able to use their phone to pay fortakeaways at drive-thrus and road tolls.

But car connoisseur Clarkson has branded the rule “mad”.

Writing in his Sun column in November, he said: “A new rule means you are not even allowed to touch your mobile telephone when you are behind the wheel. Even if youre in a traffic jam.

“Seriously? If your random playlist decides to fill the car with Arctic Monkey noises and you really arent in the mood, you are no longer allowed to swipe the screen to make it stop.

“Are the people who write these laws mad? Because almost all human beings are capable of doing two things at the same time.

“Men can read a newspaper while on the loo. Women can have sex with their husbands while thinking about Brad Pitt.

“So why are we no longer allowed to change a music track while sitting in a traffic jam?

“Whats next? Will we be told that if we want to turn the heating up a bit in the car, we will have to find a lay-by and pull over?

“And will there be a new offence of driving while thinking about Abbey Clancy?”

Brits had previously been able to dodge hefty fines since a High Court ruling in 2019.

It said drivers only commit an offence if they use their phones for “interactive communication” such as making a call or texting.

But the new rules, coming in tonight, aim to make the law clearer and easier to understand.

The regulations will also state that using a hand-held phone at traffic lights or while in standstill at a traffic jam is illegal too.

Jeremy Clarkson said the rule change was 'mad'


Jeremy Clarkson said the rule change was ‘mad’Credit: Arthur Edwards / The Sun

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