Land Slides Causing Weather Changes, Quicksand may Occur

Due to the 2020, fire hazards and weather changes, scientists have made it clear that the rate of volcanic eruptions may occur higher, global warming increase, melting of the arctic region and several environmental degradation occurring. After the Australian Bush Fire, lots of burrowing animals over 6 million plus insects which help balance the ecosystem have been found dead, and this is at an alarming rate, and rise in tide, water loss, floods, land slides and quick and rampant visible quicksands appearing around beaches, and salt water regions, so its very wise to make up preparations to counter such environmental occurances.

Examples; For Land Slides, also be cautious, get a Dog, a security, and highly sensitive dog. see more here on staying safe from landslides

What To Do After a Landslide

  1. Stay away from the slide area. …
  2. Listen to local radio or television stations for the latest emergency information.
  3. Watch for flooding, which may occur after a landslide or debris flow. …
  4. Check for injured and trapped persons near the slide, without entering the direct slide area.

QUICKSANDS? Not to talk much, Always Avoid Quicksand, they are found around beaches, salt water regions, e.t.c Also this is to just guide you on the environtal occurence you may see during this perilious times, check here to get detailed guide on escaping quicksand

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